We build high performing organizations

    Change Management - We specialize in business development, organization development, finance / operations and branding. But when you open each of these doors, you have to meet the challenge of change.  That’s where Kallan Strategic  is your business partner.

    Planning and Facilitation - You know you need to unleash some of that old fashioned creativity.  And the press of business squeezes your time.  We  know that process talk is cheap – you need real results.  We will design, facilitate and implement your business planning to meet your schedule.  Read more about results and measurement.
    Help When You Need It - You are nimble and flexible but you need to compete with larger organizations.  You don’t have a deep bench of professional staff support but you need it when you need it.  That’s where Kallan Strategic is your business partner.
    Interim Management and Recruitment - When you need more than a consultant’s hand in planning, we will help you manage aspects of your business as you get the right people on board. We'll help design the organization structure that will work and then help you fill the job.    
    Make Information Technology Work - You know that business technology is key, but its hard to stay ahead of the curve.  It takes the right technology along with willing and well trained people to really make a difference.  That’s where Kallan Strategic is your business partner.
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    Business and Program Design and Branding - Your products and services must respond to your customers and audiences. How should they be designed? How will they be measured and marketed? How best to appeal to funders and target audiences? That's where Kallan Strategic is your business partner.


    Nonprofits thrive when they run more like a business and businesses can thrive by incorporating a commitment to community and the environment. You don’t have to compromise values to be successful.

    I have learned a thing or two in nearly forty years working with nonprofits, businesses and higher education.

    Our best work is during periods of start-up, growth and change - thriving on wrestling chaos into order. Clients value our executive level strategic and implementation skills and we are often asked to serve in an interim capacity.

    When it comes down to it, the difference is experience and we have a good sense of what works and what does not. We offer expertise like one might get from major consulting firms but without the high cost and delegation to junior staff. Clients are partners - we are in it together.
    Crystallize a Vision

    Crystallize a vision about what leaders are trying to achieve that can be widely understood and translated into action. This step answers the question "what are we for and what will be achieved?"

    Draw the Road Map

    This step answers the question "what do we do?" What steps are most likely to succeed? Choices are informed by experience, led by a clear vision and shared throughout the organization.

    Take Action to Get There

    This step answers the question "what's the best way to get it done?" We will help design and implement the best solution, find the best resources and help you measure the results.